350X – Arts and Culture in Poland

This study abroad course offers students the opportunity to experience two of the great European cities – Warsaw, the capital of Poland and Krakow, its former capital and Renaissance city extraordinaire –  and to visit many of these cities’ most iconic sites. Home to many famous artists, writers, scientists, musicians, and thinkers, including Frederic Chopin, Marie Curie, Henryk Sienkiewicz (“Quo Vadis”), Adam Mieckiewicz, Warsaw and Krakow are cities with an extraordinarily rich cultural and historical past. Students will explore the cities’ parks, museums, and key historical sites while also enjoying Polish life and cuisine. We will also spend one day visiting Oświęcim, the site of the infamous extermination camp Auschwitz not far from Krakow, along with its museum and memorials. The crimes of the Holocaust have had a lasting effect on art and culture in Poland. Students will keep a daily travel diary in which they will record impressions and interesting discoveries, and will also write a final paper on a Viennese figure of their choice.

Here is the IDIS 350X Syllabus (2022) for the course.

The course travels together with the course “Holocaust Memory in Poland.” A combined travel itinerary can be found Handout Poland Tour 2022.

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